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DO YOU SHOOT ON WEEKENDS? 2016-11-17T12:26:35+00:00

Yes we shoot on saturdays but they do fill up quick so best to book well in advance for a Saturday spot.

WILL YOU DIRECT ME IN THE SHOOT? 2016-11-17T12:26:04+00:00

Most definitely, Jules will show you heaps of great tricks and direct you throughout the shoot. Its all about just relaxing, remembering to breath and most importantly having some fun. There is no need to be to serious about it all so just lighten up and be yourself.

IS THERE PARKING AVAILABLE? 2016-11-17T12:25:43+00:00

We have a few spots under at the studio which are first in best dressed and otherwise there is plenty in Blyth St just around the corner.


Our studio has lots of window light (it really is amazing you should see it). We have also fitted outside textures to moveable walls so we can create an outside look for you while you keep warm with a hot chocolate and some cool tunes!

We also have a massive undercover carpark below our studio so we can always pop down there and get some great shots.

WHAT IS BETTER, STUDIO OR NATURAL LIGHT? 2016-11-17T12:24:40+00:00

I really prefer natural light for Headshots. Natural light has a really beautiful and soft quality if you know what your looking for. It also ensures that you get a result that is a bit unique and helps make your Headshots really pop.

Studio lighting is great when weather doesn’t permit being outside and you need to control the result. It is sometimes handy to have what I like to call a neutral headshot in your folio. What this means is on a neutral coloured background and evenly lit and the studio is great for this.

The process of working under natural light and on location is lots of fun and a bit more spontaneous which really helps produce a great looking headshot. There is just a lot more life and fun to this type of headshot and they are much less static and dare I say boring.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO MY PHOTO SHOOT? 2016-11-17T12:23:55+00:00

Wardrobe choice is an important part of a successful Headshot and can give your shots that little bit of edge.

As a general rule darker colours and simple necklines are better and it is good to keep it as simple as possible. It is good however to consider a few different looks for more specific characters so have a think about how your likely to be cast and come prepared with appropriate options.

When using a colour headshot try wearing colours that work well with your skin tone and eye colour. You will be surprised how much difference certain colours will make your shots really stand out.

Lastly think about items of clothing that you love wearing and make you feel great and bring them to your headshot session. A favourite jacket, scarve, shirt or jumper etc will inject a bit of your own personal style into the shot and ensure your headshots show you looking and feeling great.

WHAT MAKES A GOOD HEADSHOT? 2016-11-17T12:23:11+00:00

Quite simply a good Headshot should look like you at your absolute best without being a glamour shot.

It is really important that your eyes are switched on and connected with the camera. I often tell people that you need to stand out and make people wonder what is going on in your world. The best way is to choose a shot where your eyes are connected and there is a thought or a question in your mind that you are asking the camera and therefore the person looking at your picture.

This can be a really fun and funny process where there is no right or wrong result. Call it Headshot improvisation if you like and this should be nothing new for any actor.

You also need to consider the need to look like your Headshot when you arrive at a casting so think about things that you may wear and how you have your hair done etc and do this for your Headshot. Imagine the frustration of a casting agents job when they ask to see someone because of their look and they end up looking totally different to their Headshot. It is also really important that you feel good about your Headshot and that it says a little bit about you and this can be a matter of being prepared with wardrobe choices and that you are well rested and fresh when you arrive for your shoot.

CAN I DO MY OWN MAKEUP? 2016-11-17T12:21:56+00:00

Sure you can if you like but makeup for shoots is not the same as saturday night so get some tips from any makeup artist friends (or online) and come prepared with a touch up kit. We may also need to add some time to your shoot so you have time to make changes where necessary.

People often ask whether they need a makeup artist and really there is no set rule. My experience has found that to get the best headshot and have a great shoot its best to leave nothing to chance so if your budget permits it is a great idea to have a professional do it for you.I have been working with the same makeup artist for a few years now and we have a great understanding of each others work and what is required for a successful and natural looking headshot. We always get the right balance of making you look your best while ensuring the shots remain very natural. It is very important that your shots look like you when you present yourself for any work and this is kept firmly in mind when working with the makeup artist. Another great advantage of booking a makeup artist for your shoot is the opportunity to develop and capture a few different looks which maximises your casting options. If you would like us to book a makeup artist for your shoot just let us know when you make your booking and we will arrange it all for you. Click here to get in touch

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