With the undeniable impact of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, digital content has come to have an unprecedented influence on the corporate world. The advent of TikTok has only added to this frenzy – one just needs to open Instagram to find themselves inundated with an endless inventory of funny videos from influencers and businesses.

All this varied digital content has one thing in common: brand identity. The era of the influencer has taught us that digital content is one of the most valuable assets a brand has to stay ahead of its competitor.

Why are so many companies unwilling to outsource professional corporate photographers? The answer might be cost. For others, it’s a perceived lack of value or the idea that quality is irrelevant. Others don’t know how to use images for their brand or feel they don’t have time.

Today, we’ll dispel some of the preconceived misconceptions surrounding professional photography. Here are three reasons why investing in a corporate photographer is vital for the growth of your brand.

First Impressions Count

What’s the saying? “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? While this is a sentiment we should all live by, unfortunately, in the corporate world, first impressions are vital for gaining new clients. Studies suggest that the average customer spends 10 – 20 seconds glancing at a website and forming an opinion. That’s not very long to grab a potential customer’s attention.

Corporate photographers can boost your brand image and first impressions. High-quality photos can establish credibility and trust with customers and investors. Have a look at other company websites. What stands out to you? What’s making you want or not want to invest? A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s a narrative you want to control.

Distinguish Your Brand From Your Competitors

Every day, we are shown through Instagram the importance of brand identity. Influencers show us that digital content is one of the most valuable marketing tools a company has. Corporate photographers allow you to communicate your brand and how you conduct business.

Professional headshots represent a company’s values and vision, helping you to establish a solid brand identity and increase brand recognition. The images you put on your site and social media should be distinctive so customers can easily distinguish between you and a competitor. When customers visit your site, they try to get a feel for you, what you do and why. Clients are far more likely to work with someone they know and trust.

Unparalleled Quality

You may think that the camera on your smartphone has all the resolution you need. Or that it has a high enough definition to make your headshots look professional. The truth is, no matter how good your camera is, professional quality is unparalleled.

Corporate photographers bring years of knowledge and experience to their photos and accompany them with state-of-the-art equipment. Quality photos aren’t taken with any old camera. They require the right gear, precision execution and concise technique only a professional can deliver.

Final Thoughts

In the age of TikTok and social media influencers, it’s undeniable that digital media is one of a business’s most valuable assets for building its brand. It’s not uncommon for companies, especially small businesses, to be intimidated by outsourcing a professional corporate photographer. However, the benefits of hiring one are unparalleled.

A corporate photographer can boost your brand image and perfect your company’s vital first impression. A well-executed portfolio of headshots helps to explain who you are, what you do and why, building crucial trust between you and potential customers. With their exceptional quality, professional headshots are the edge your business needs.

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