Actor headshot Carla Bonner
Publicity Portrait
Hannah Monson actor headshot
Luke Arnold
Rahart Adams
Damien Walsh Howling
Actor headshot of Maggie Orr taken by Julian Dolman
Rain Fuller Actor Headshot
Aria Taylor
Actor headshots
Texas Watterson model test shoot
Actor Headshot for Tegan Crowley by Julian Dolman
Greg Parker actor headshot
Taylor Bordonaro headshot
actor head shot photo
Actor headshot for Daniel Schepisi
Akasha Collins actor headshot
Actor Headshot
Alanah Parkin actor headshot
Lorna Deng Model Headshot
Makeup and hair by Amelia Mills
Actor Headshot for Georga Prawdiuk by Julian Dolman
Actor Headshot for Emmanuelle Mattana by Julian Dolman
Actor headshot of Tilly Fisher by Julian Dolman
Natural light Actor Headshot
Isabella Kardia

Actors Headshots

Actors know an exceptional headshot can open doors. Headshot Photographer aspires to be the bridge that can help actors to open that door and develop their careers.

Julian Dolman, Director and founder of Headshot Photography

For many years Julian Dolman has been the go-to headshot photographer for actors. Critically, his reputation has been built around his technical expertise, his empathy and ability to engage with those being photographed and to make the experience enjoyable. Add to that his genuine desire to help people develop their careers and the results speak for themselves.


Each is different but either way we offer both studio setups and natural light options. We also combine the two scenarios for Actor headshot shoots to maximise variation in the looks. The studio environment is controlled and repeatable which is great, natural light can be soft, beautiful and luminous but also fleeting with Melbourne’s fickle weather so you may need both options to run a great shoot.

We generally quote for shoots based on time spent shooting and amount of edited shots you want to take away from the session. To get a quote send us an email HERE and we can send one to you. If you would like a quote for makeup artist and or hair styling let us know and we can add that on also.

If budget permits it is always the best plan to have makeup professionally done, proper application and use of the appropriate products will always enhance the result of the final headshots. Also having help with setting and changing hair style keeps things manageable and makes the shoot run much better, smoother and easier.

Yes we can. We work with a select group of professional makeup artist’s who are familiar with our style and shoot process. We can provide a quote for the service, just let us know when you get in touch.

Although we prefer to work with Artist’s that we know and have worked with before of course you can opt to book with your own artist. You can either get ready with them offsite and arrive ready to shoot or you can book the Makeup area in our studio and get ready onsite. This option is charged by the hour so get a gauge from your artist how long they need to get you ready so you know how long to book it for.

Absolutely a big YES! We know actors thrive on working with a good director and this is where we operate from. Whether it be pre shoot advice on clothing or how to stand, how to position your head and how to engage through the eyes we have the tricks to make it easy and repeatable.

We have plenty of 2 hour and also ALL day on street parking around the studio, if you need to unload clothing for the shoot you can pull into the loading bay to upload then park on the street for the shoot.

To book you can email the studio by clicking HERE and we will send you an online booking link. Payment is required upfront prior to the shoot and this can be done online using your credit card or via eft. We also have Afterpay available for anyone wanting to spread out the payments.

Headshot Photographer makeup artist and client
Julian Dolman

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