Actors Headshots

“Actors know an exceptional headshot can open doors. Headshot Photographer aspires to be the bridge that can help actors to open that door and develop their careers.”

Julian Dolman, Director and founder of Headshot Photography

For many years Julian Dolman has been the go-to headshot photographer for actors. Critically, his reputation has been built around his technical expertise, his empathy and ability to engage with those being photographed and to make the experience enjoyable. Add to that his genuine desire to help people develop their careers and the results speak for themselves.

Headshots for all ages

Age isn’t a barrier. Teen actors, kids, adults, the successful and the aspiring – Julian has photographed them all.

In the studio or on location

The beauty of Headshot Photographer’s location is that Julian can shoot in the studio or outside. Either way we can take advantage of natural light. The studio is flexible enough to move pre-fabricated wall-like structures around to create different spaces and backgrounds. And there is a five-metre floor to ceiling Cyclorama.

Creature comforts

For those who are more interested in the creature comforts there are make-up and change rooms, couches and magazines, a kitchenette for tea/coffee etc.

Hair and make-up

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a hair and make-up artist making sure you look your best in front of the lens. The team includes a list of preferred people Julian regularly works with. Just let us know what you need and we’ll firm up the cost for you.

Parking and public transport

Another bonus of the location is the undercover parking and a tram stop near the front door.

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