3 Reasons To Build Your Brand With Corporate Photography

headshot photography

With the undeniable impact of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, digital content has come to have an unprecedented influence on the corporate world. The advent of TikTok has only added to this frenzy – one just needs to open Instagram to find themselves inundated with an endless inventory of funny videos from influencers and businesses. All […]

The mysterious art of actor headshots

For actors (particularly those starting out), an interesting and engaging headshot (or these days a set of headshots) that shows you at your best while also showcasing some of your unique qualities is the most essential tool for getting an agent and more importantly getting good auditions. For so many of my actor clients, the […]

Let’s talk about headshot photography

Headshot Photography once seemed a bit frowned upon as a legitimate photography genre has now exploded in popularity among photographers. With the advent of social media and the need for almost all humans to have a professional headshot it has lead many a photographer to flock to this portrait niche and or add it to […]

Natural Light Photography

Natural light headshots photography overview Photographing natural light headshots can be one of the more challenging styles of professional headshot photography but also the most enjoyable creatively in terms of what can be achieved for pretty much zero cost. There are a few things to consider consider i.e the direction, luminosity and temperature of the […]