Corporate Headshots – Stand Out

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A look into what makes a headshot stand out in the crowd. Staff member for Golder Associates. Note her eyes and her smile, both express confidence and warmth. In today’s corporate and social media landscape, having a great headshot has never been more important. Whether you need one for LinkedIn, Facebook, business cards or your website, […]

The mysterious art of actor headshots

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For all actors (particularly those starting out and new to the game), a high quality set of headshots that shows you at your best while also showcasing one of your unique qualities is absolutely critical in getting an agent, as well as getting into the casting room. For so many of my clients, the feedback […]

Let’s talk about headshots

Lets talk about headshots

Headshots, once the photography world’s ugly cousin, is now all the rage, leading many people to flock to this portrait niche. Where once there was a sea of bland images, nowadays the genre is making waves as the explosion of social media and the internet has legitimised the genre as a mainstay heading into the […]

Natural Light Photography

natural light photography

Photographing natural light portraits and headshots can be one of the more challenging areas of photography, but by far the most enjoyable and creative in terms of what can be achieved. There is so much to consider in terms of direction, quality and temperature of the light as well as weather factors like wind and […]