Eva Pattison

Eva Pattison Actor Headshot

“My family have been in the film industry for many years, so I grew up on film sets, and some amazing actors would be hanging out at our house.”​​ Eva Pattison brings a wealth of fascinating experience to the world of acting, writing and music. We sat down for a chat to get to know […]

Karen Ireson

Karen Ireson Headshot Photographer

“I’m inspired by people who work twice as hard outside the spotlight than they do in it.”​​ Karen Ireson is an artistic force, with a background in dance, acting and musical theatre. We discussed her career to date and what keeps her inspired on the creative journey. Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew […]

Vanessa Ong

Vanessa Ong Headshot Photographer

“Self-care and confidence is the key to success in any journey you take.”​​ Vanessa Ong is an actor, role model, humanitarian and, quite simply, a very inspiring person. She is about to compete for the Miss World Australia 2018 title and we took the opportunity to ask her some questions about the lead-up to the […]

Kiera Madison

Kiera Madison Julian Dolman Headshot Photographer

“It wasn’t until the director started laughing and came up to me that I realised what I had done.”​​ We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiera Madison on multiple occasions and the results are always stunning. During the latest shoot we got to know a little more about her story and future ambitions. Tell […]

Maddison Stafford

Maddison Stafford

“I thrive off opportunities that allow me to inject my creativity and have fun with the role.”​​ Maddison is a fast-rising TV Presenter and journalist with inspirational drive and aspirations. We feel she’s really setting the standard and leading by example for young professionals around the country. We were ecstatic to catch up with her […]

Ben Walter

Ben Walter Headshot Photographer

“I’m inspired by anyone who can write a truly great play. To engage an audience for 2 or so hours with only words, that’s a real skill.” Ben Walter is one of Melbourne’s most exciting up and coming talents. He’s an actor and producer, currently running his own independent theatre company and starring in productions […]

Eliza Jayne

Eliza Jayne Actor Headshots

“I used to watch old Hollywood actresses such as Vivienne Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor take the lead and would mimic them.” Eliza Jayne came to the studio and captured some truly stunning looks. She is a multi-talented artist with a fascinating story and we look forward to watching her career continue to grow and evolve […]

Martin Sacks

Martin Sacks actor headshot

“Focus on the work and the process, as you can’t control the end result.” Legendary Aussie actor Martin Sacks is instantly recognisable, having worked in the industry for over 35 years and still going strong! Many will remember his popular Logie award-winning character, PJ Hasham, from Blue Heelers. In recent years, he has starred alongside […]

Rain Fuller

Rain Fuller Actor Headshot

“Find out what your brand is and get headshots that match.”​​ We were delighted to have award winning actor and writer, Rain Fuller, in the studio for some fresh headshots. Rain has starred both internationally in feature films and locally on Australian TV, with a recent appearance on Neighbours. We asked Rain for some honest advice […]

Kate Jenkinson

Kate Jenkinson Headshot

“This job is just like any other profession. You get out what you put in.” Kate Jenkinson has been a fantastic client of ours for a number of years and it has been so exciting watching her career grow and grow! She has most recently starred in the popular television show, Wentworth. We asked her […]