Tips for Corporate, business and personal branding shoots


  • Think about how you want your clients or fans to see you and start from there.
  • Get organised and put some effort into planning you’re looks and you will have a much more successful shoot.
  • As a starting point a smart/formal option i.e. shirt, tie and jacket will be great for linkedIn.
  • A smart casual clothing option for other social media platforms.
  • Varied neckline shapes and different clothing textures will add some variety and accentuate facial features.
  • Colours that match your eyes will help the shots pop i.e. blue eyes wear some blue, green eyes wear some green or brown.
Headshot Photographer shooting

Beards and Hair

  • Get a hair cut or trim a few days before the shoot and bring some hair product if you use it.
  • Keep beards or facial hair neat and tidy.¬†

Skin and Makeup

  • We keep face powder on hand to help with skin shine. You can bring your own if you prefer.
  • Get a good nights sleep and drink plenty of water before the shoot to keep your eyes clear.
  • If you have booked our makeup artist for your shoot arrive wearing no makeup and have your hair clean and dry.
  • Feel free to moisturise your face if you would like to just no tint or shine please.
  • If you are doing your own makeup keep it natural and avoid bronzer and or shiny foundation.

For team and corporate shoots read below

  • Have your team briefed as per the above and or in line with company dress code in terms of attire.
  • Clean and fitted clothing option will photograph better.
  • Natural makeup and neat tidy hair.

A few more things we recommend

  • Bring clothing you really like wearing!
  • Fitted clothing will photograph better.
  • Options for layering clothes ie a spare jacket will be useful.
  • Clean and steamed/ironed or dry cleaned clothing will look sharper.

Things to avoid

  • Anything loose, baggy, stained or ripped.
  • Bright colours and busy patterns or logo’s.

Have questions?

Send us an email HERE and we will be happy to help.