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Linkedin Headshot
Linkedin headshot
LinkedIn headshot
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Linkedin headshots
Linkedin headshot

Linkedin Headshots

A professional headshot is an important piece of your linkedIn profile and in 2020 it is no longer considered a luxury it is actually essential that you have a professionally taken portrait. Your Headshot should be both confident and friendly and also needs to be formatted correctly to be effective.


Not to worry when you book a professional they will guide you through the process and make it easy.

Yes we will show you how to stand, position your head and also coach a good facial expression, you just need to be prepared to work through the process with us until all the pieces come together, it usually just takes about 10 mins to get the knack of it all and find the right angles.

It’s important to look the part and that part is determined by what industry you work in ie it makes no sense for a plumber to wear a suit just like it makes no sense for a lawyer to wear a high vis vest. How you would go to an interview is a good start and or what you might wear to an important meeting when you want to make an impression. Also if you book with us we will send you some tips prior to the shoot to help you best prepare.

Usually about 20-30 mins to capture a great shot and another 30 mins to go through them and review so allow about 1 hour in total.

Pricing start at $185 for a high quality shot on a neutral background, it’s then $100 for each additional setup/clothing change. It’s a good idea before you book to think about where else you might need a photo of yourself to determine if you maybe need a few different options. To get a firm quote on what you need done click HERE to get in touch with the studio.

It can be a very good idea to have a professional do this also but it is not always necessary. Generally if your budget allows for it it will be the best plan to have it booked but if it’s not in budget we can work through a shoot without it. The cost to have it professionally done at our studio prior to your shoot is $165.

We will go through all the shots with you as the shoot progresses this generally eliminates the risk of not getting a a shot that you like, we will also do a test run and upload a few to your profile with you at the time so you can see how they might look in proper context

Absolutely we will professionally edit your chosen image(s) including skin smoothing and blemish removal (if necessary),correcting colours and also cropping.

If you want to keep additional images edited from whatever we take the cost is $65 per image

We generally take bookings weekdays between 9 and 4 pm but can also do outside those hours ie an 8am start or as late as 6pm so this might help juggling a time that suits if your working full time. To make a booking click HERE to send us an email or you can call the studio directly on (03) 8538 1427.
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