Meet the Photographer

The Headshot Photographer mission statement

“Headshot Photographer is driven by a very simple guiding principle. Happy clients. The purpose is to not just deliver a great shot but make the whole experience engaging and enjoyable. Our job is to help our clients develop their careers.”

A bit of background

Julian, the Director and founder of Headshot Photographer, has been a professional portrait photographer for over 15 years. In the beginning his clients were almost exclusively actors and actors’ agents. Today, however, his clientele is considerably more diverse and includes authors, business leaders, celebrities and much more. His folio is impressive and is one of the reasons his clients keep coming back and he gets so many referrals.

What makes Julian tick

Julian brings a great deal more to photography than just technical know-how. He instinctively understands that to get the best photograph the subject must also be engaged with the process, to enjoy the experience.

Something else

Julian’s constant companion is his dog Cole (sometimes referred to as Little Lord!). Cole often plays the role of icebreaker and, without realising it, makes the whole experience more relaxed and fun for everybody.

cole the dog

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