Meet the Team

Julian Dolman

Julian is the Director and founder of Headshot Photographer and has been a professional portrait photographer for over 15 years. In the beginning his clients were almost exclusively actors and actors’ agents. Today, however, his clientele is considerably more diverse and includes authors, business leaders, celebrities. His folio is geared towards natural light and on location settings and he is at home in his East Brunswick Studio which he founded in 2010.

Alison McWhirter

Alison has been a professional portrait photographer for over 10 years since leaving a successful career in the health sciences and public health policy working for government agencies in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Alison is the type of photographer clients want to work with and her approach is professional, well organised but also fun and relaxed. She thrives when working with a diverse range of business owners and entrepreneurs and capturing images that take their personal branding to the next level.

The Makeup Artists

Booking your shoot with a good makeup artist is often a key plank to running a successful shoot. It not only has you looking your best but it will also get you in the right frame of mind for being in front of the camera. Think of it like a day spa for your face and hair! There are a few things we look for when deciding who to work with as our preferred artist’s and surprising as it may seem makeup skills are not the number 1 element (that is generally assumed anyway) it’s the personality and warmth of the person you are working with and getting that feeling that you are working with someone who really care’s about you and your shoot makes a big difference to how things pan out.

Sam Pearce

Sam is our go to makeup artist and without doubt she is the girl you want on your team. She has over 10 years experience in both the makeup and entertainment industries and you will have a great time chatting and hanging out with her while she gets you ready. She can also stay onsite to adjust things as we move through the shoot. Check out some of her work with us in the slider below.

Amelia Mills

Amelia (or Millie as she is known around the studio) has been working with us for the past year and a bit and she is making a great impression with all our clients. She is highly skilled thats a given but is also fun, personable and you can tell she really care’s for people. Our clients love working with her and she will be a real asset on your shoot.

Skye Drake

Skye is fully qualified and certified makeup artist and hairstylist with over 7 years in the industry. Having worked in fashion/catwalk, editorial, special event, bridal, film and commercial, she has had experience in many different facets of the industry. Her work has appeared in several publications such as the Herald Sun, Vogue Italia (online) and Hessian Magazine and has worked with brands such as Mossman and Ethical Clothing Australia. Skye’s favourite part about her industry is that she gets to meet new people and help them have a great experience being photographed.

Get a quote

To get a quote for a shoot with makeup artist added click HERE to send us an email. If you have any questions or concerns about different products let us know and we can address them for you.

Prefer to book with your own artist?

Thats ok we get that, if you want to get ready with them and arrive ready to shoot you can do that or if you want to use the makeup area in the studio it’s $55 per hour, let us know what suits and we can make arrangements for you.

The Headshot Photographer mission statement

“Headshot Photographer is driven by a very simple guiding principle. Happy clients. The purpose is to not just deliver a great shot but make the whole experience engaging and enjoyable. Our job is to help our clients develop their careers.”

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