David Hayes - Personal Branding - Headshot Photographer
Simon Meadows
CEO portrait by headshot photographer Julian Dolman

Professional Headshots Photography

Professional headshots are an important plank in your personal branding and puts you in control of your online visibility. Whether it’s a  linkedIn headshot or a more creative set of portraits for a book launch, article or business website it’s important you look confident, engaging and relaxed. 

We have a highly developed process that makes being photographed fun and easy so you can just be yourself and have fun. We will help you with clothing, posing and finding the best angles and most importantly capturing the right facial expressions.

Types of shoots we offer

We often make the joke that a good headshot puts more zero’s on your next job offer but seriously you can ill afford to have a bad photo in the professional space, not these days. We can make it easy, fun and quick so you can get on with more important things.

If you are needing more than just a linkedIn shot and plan to market yourself across different platforms it’s handy to have a few different shots you can use. Whether it’s changes of clothing, backgrounds, lighting, using props or more candid photography there are many ways we can help you build a useful set of images that authentically represent you.

This is where things get more serious (in terms of planning). We are never that serious about things. maybe it’s travelling to a location or your house or workplace, bringing in the pets or the guitar or the jet ski. Whatever you feel is needed to represent your personality.

If you have a specific location in mind for your shoot it a great way to add a point of difference to your shoot. The classics in Melbourne are St Kilda Pier, the CBD laneways, Southbank boulevard or Flinders street station but think outside the box and we can help make it happen.

We often work with natural light for it’s soft and luminous qualities but can also run shoots in our studio under controlled lighting setups. We can also bring the setups to you to shoot pretty much anywhere. On location with studio lighting setups starts to get pretty magical.

We are happy to include a pre shoot consultation to advise on the look, style and location for the session, this will help make sure the shoot is successful and goes in the direction you need for your brand.