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David Hayes - Personal Branding - Headshot Photographer
David Hayes - Personal Branding - Headshot Photographer
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Personal Branding Photography

Professional portrait photography is an important plank in an effective personal branding aesthetic and puts you in control of your online visibility. Whether it’s a simple but high quality linkedIn headshot or a more creative environmental portrait get in touch and we will make the process easygoing, relaxed and fun.


In a nutshell it’s the idea that you yourself are the most important selling point of your service or product. So if it’s you that really matters then photo’s of you curated in such a way as capture your desired brand perception is a crucial part of your strategy.

There are so many platforms these days when promoting a personal brand and making sure you have appropriate image formats in your photographic portfolio. This maybe seems like a minor detail but it is important and makes a difference. This will make certain you are properly represented across the various platforms you want to be seen whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram/Facebook, personal website, CV, brochure’s, business cards and in press releases/articles. It’s usually the little details that make a difference and it’s best not to leave anything to chance.

A personal branding shoot to cover a range of different options starts at $485 for a 2 hour shoot and includes 4 professionally retouched digital shots supplied to you in various formats. We usually recommend makeup and styling be added to the session to make sure the shots look as polished as possible.

We are happy to include a pre shoot consultation to advise on the look, style and location for the session, this will help make sure the shoot is successful and goes in the direction you need for your brand.

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