Damian Walshe Howling
Staff portrait for MedFin
Natural light portrait for BCC Mayor
Bayside Council Mayor
Actor headshot of Tilly Fisher by Julian Dolman
Natural light Headshot
In studio business portrait
Personal branding Headshot
Studio Actor Headshot
Corporate Headshot
CLare Hayes
Actor Portrait fro Jesse Luyten
Studio Musician Portrait
Environmental Portrait
Client: Life without Barriers
Lisa Lottie
Musician Chris Reed
CEO of the National Theatre Sarah Hunt
CEO Portrait
Executive Portrait
Studio Actor Portrait
Commercial Portrait
Environmental action portrait
Actor Headshot for Sascha Demkiw
Fashion Portrait
Fashion Portrait
Youth Headshot
Martin Sacks actor headshot
Actor Martin Sacks
Lana Golja - Fashion Portrait - Portrait Photography by Julian Dolman
Hollywood Portrait
Natural light Headshot

Actor Headshots April/May 2022 booking now.

We are now booking corporate photography shoots for 2022.

April 2022 personal and linkedIn Headshots offer. Limited spots.

Headshot Photographer

Hello and Welcome to Headshot Photographer. The name tells you what we do but not how we do it and why you might book with us. In the simplest of terms we have the skills and the experience to deliver you great headshots and we make it easy! Whether you are an Actor, CEO, Doctor, lawyer, Author or Entrepreneur a headshot is a key plank in your personal brand and you need a good one.

I’m an Actor

I’m an Author

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I need social media shots

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Choose which headshot is the right kind for you:

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Meet Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photographer is Julian Dolman. Julian runs his professional headshot and portrait photography studio in Melbourne. The broader team includes dedicated hair and make-up artists and image retouchers. All are driven by a very simple guiding principle – happy clients.

“I subscribe to the ethos that by engaging my clients in the experience, together we are able to deliver the best results. To me, and those people who often work with me, this is common sense.” Julian Dolman.

The Headshot Photography studio offers tailored headshot services for Actors, Authors, those working in the Corporate world, musicians and talent of all types. In fact anybody who needs a high quality headshot whether to further their career, promote their personal brand or for their LinkedIn profile.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time. I have probably photographed over 10,000 people but whose counting. So I must be doing something right.” Julian Dolman.

Meeting you

Headshot Photographer
Providing a bridge to help you develop your career.

Headshots are like first impressions. They matter (however much you wish that they didn’t). Their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

In the studio or out on location there is always a moment when everything lines up. The moment feels good, you’re relaxed, the lights don’t worry you, the camera doesn’t intimidate you. You  are confident in knowing that you have chosen a Photographer  who cares and is totally focused on making sure that you’ll get the shots you need.


We are driven by a very simple guiding principle. Happy clients.

What You Have Said


“I left the session with a deep sense of satisfaction and a greater understanding of the photography and brand- presentation process, and I will definitely return for more shots in the future!”

— Matthew Keating


“(the) shots capture the faintest emotion, authentic expression and result in a compelling collection of professional headshots. A definite recommendation!”

— Sophia Rowley

Made Easy

“…very happy with the range of shots we got which can be used for all different media requests as well as my current novel and I will definitely be going back for my next book.”

— Rob McDonald

The Studio

Headshot Photographer is a purpose built photographic studio. There are a few things that make it special.

For those of interested in the tech stuff the space is really flexible. The studio offers both studio light and natural light. Photographs can be taken in the studio or outside – there’s plenty of space. Pre-fabricated wall-like structures can easily be moved around to create different spaces and backgrounds. And there’s a five-metre floor to ceiling Cyclorama.

For those who are more interested in the creature comforts there are make-up and change rooms, couches and magazines, a kitchenette for tea/coffee etc. To make it extra easy for you there’s also undercover parking and a tram stop near the front door.

And then there’s Cole the dog.

How we do it

I think we’ve sort of explained the how already. It’s the because of the emphasis we put on making the whole process enjoyable that you get the results you want.

There are other ‘Hows’ of course. Like the crew you may or may not need. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a Make-up Artist making sure you look your best in front of the lens.

The retouching team then puts the finishing touches to the shots. They don’t apply filters, it’s done by hand including fine tuned colour grading on an accurate monitor, skin smoothing and other adjustments necessary to make the image complete.