Professional Headshots

A fun and relaxed environment

We know being in front of the camera can be daunting for most people and might be about as fun as going to the dentist but we are there to help every step of the way and believe if people can relax and just focus on having some fun with the process, great results will follow. Julian Dolman is a highly experienced director of professional headshots and has all the tricks and banter to quickly make clients forgot the camera is there. This is fundamental to how the most authentic shots will be captured.

Studio or Natural light

Depending on the requirements of the headshots and or the desired aesthetic they can be taken in the studio or outside using natural light (or both). The lighting, background, colours and textures can be adjusted to create a range of styles to maximise the range of shots captured.

Choosing the right clothing

We will happily provide advice on what to wear in a shoot and also can refer clients to makeup artists and stylists if further help is required. Generally speaking it comes down to the colour and necklines of clothing, avoiding distracting patterns and keeping clothes nicely fitted.

Post Production

Final image selections are usually always lightly edited to minimise tired/red eyes, balance skin colour and fine-tune the framing. We then export a suite of images in various formats as well as BW conversions in some situations where it suits the shots. Images are supplied via google drive link or via wetransfer if preferred.

Julian Dolman
Julian Dolman and client

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