How We Do It

Headshot Photographer - Balancing technical expertise and empathy

At Headshot Photography we’re pretty flexible. The important thing is for you to enjoy the experience and to get what you need to help you develop your career.

“Having all the technical know-how behind the camera is one thing but I believe that the most successful headshot photography requires collaboration between photographer, the client and whoever else might be assisting. It’s a team effort.”

– Julian Dolman.

In the Studio

Depending on the photography option you have selected the shots can be taken in the studio, on location or both. The lighting and background colours and textures can easily be adjusted.


Headshot Photography can provide advice on what to wear, hair and make-up artists. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a make-up artist making sure you look your best in front of the lens.


The retouching team is very sensitive to your requirements. The raw files that you select will inevitably benefit from subtle adjustments to colour grading and sometimes skin smoothing.

Julian Dolman
Julian Dolman and client

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