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Headshot Photography Melbourne

Kids grow up and change quickly which can mean headshots are out of date as quickly as a growth spurt so it’s important to keep headshots up to date for casting agents in this very competitive casting space.

Headshots Photographer Julian Dolman offers studio shoot  options to update headshots and also natural light shoots which enable a more unique and filmic look.

Headshot for Teens

The market for teens roles is perhaps one of the most abundant and therefore also the most competitive. Having a range of good quality and engaging headshots to get Teens noticed is very important. They should be unique head shot photo’s and showcase the personality of the teen as much as possible.

Agency Referrals

We work hand to hand with a number of the more reputable talent agencies and are happy to offer advice on seeking an agent and where possible we can sometimes offer a direct referral to get you an agency meeting. As headshots are most often the first thing an agency will look at and or ask to see so it’s good to be organised and have current headshots ready to send off.

Safe environment

Our Melbourne photography studio offers a safe and fun environment for kids and teens to get their headshots taken. Parents are welcome at the shoot and we encourage a collaborative approach with parents to get the best possible headshots captured.

Session Options

Headshot Photographer is a well established portrait studio and we pride ourselves in being able to offer a range of headshot options to suit most budgets. Have a chat to us and let us and we can work with you to find a session thats suits what you are prepared to spend. At the end of the day a good quality shot is one of the most important investments when starting a career in the entertainment business and having poor quality Headshots is counter productive to the process.

Studio and natural light shoots

Studio shoots are a cost and time effective way to get great headshots captured. As it a controlled environment they can most often be done quite quickly which keeps the session rate down. Natural light shots offer more of a chance to capture unique headshots but they can take a bit longer meaning the price also goes up. When budget permits a combination of both setups is ideal.

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