Actor Headshots Pre-shoot Tips


It’s always a good idea to do some research prior to a shoot and plan out a mood board of the you looks that will help your career move forward. If you have an agent or Acting coach have a chat to them also to get a gauge on your most suitable casting opportunities.

A few general tips are below. 📝

  • Start with block colours and or some basic’s ie black, white and grey options in varied necklines.
  • Colour options that match your eyes i.e. blue eyes blue tops, green eyes greens or browns.
  • A few different jackets for layering ie leather, denim or a blazer.
  • Clothing that is fitted generally shoots better.
  • Make sure clothing is clean and in good condition (not stuffed in a bag). Ideally clothes will be on hangers and pressed or steamed and ready to shoot.
  • We have a steamer in the studio for any last minute adjustments.
  • Bringing some different textures to work with will vary the looks and make things more interesting.
  • Bringing a few options for each look you want to capture is a good plan, this way we can change things up as necessary.

Beard or no Beard?🧔🏻‍♂️

  • If you are booked for an headshot update shoot arrive with a clipped or trimmed/tidy beard ready to shoot.
  • On a full portfolio publicity shoot having a shave midway through the shoot is a great plan so bring your razor and or clippers.
  • Using some Moisturiser will help settle down red skin.

Hair styling 👩👦🏻

  • If you plan to keep your headshots for a while it’s ideal to get a haircut a few days prior to the shoot so it settles in nicely.
  • Bring any product you like to use so we can get your hair looking spot on.
  • Washing your hair a day or two prior to your shoot is also a good idea.

A few more tips
(For the girls mainly)👸

  • As above will mostly apply and also any favourite dresses and or flattering clothing items that you really love wearing.
  • Bring a good range of neckline shapes i.e. v neck, round, scooped, halter neck.
  • Try to avoid too many really bright colours i.e. red and hot pink.
  • An oversized knit or shirt can shoot really well as an editorial but otherwise try to have lots of well fitted clothing options we can shoot with.

Booked in with our Makeup Artist? Please read the below. 💄💋

  • Arrive with a clean face i.e. no makeup.
  • Moisturising your face is a great idea just make sure it is not tinted or oily/shiny.
  • Have your hair somewhere near where you like to wear it and the makeup artist will do a final set and also make some changes as we shoot (depending on how long you have opted to booked for).

Doing your own makeup or getting it done elsewhere?

  • You can either get ready offsite and arrive ready to shoot (with a touchup kit) or if you want to use the makeup area at the studio it is $75 per hour.
  • Aim for a subtle/natural look and avoid excessive contouring, eye wings, bronzer and or anything to shiny.

Get in touch if you have any queries. 🧐

If you have any queries get in touch HERE and will will be happy to help. We want to help you be well prepared so you have a great shoot.