Headshots Pre-shoot Tips

A few general tips are below. 📝

  • Start with block colours and or some basic’s ie black, white and grey options in varied necklines.
  • Colour options that match your eyes i.e. blue eyes blue tops, green eyes greens or browns.
  • A few different jackets for layering ie a suit jacket or blazer.
  • Clothing that is fitted generally shoots better.
  • Make sure clothing is clean and in good condition (not stuffed in a bag). Ideally clothes will be on hangers and pressed or steamed and ready to shoot.
  • If you’re shooting in our studio we have a steamer for any last minute adjustments.
  • Bringing some different textures to work with will vary the looks and make things more interesting.
  • Bringing a few options for each look you want to capture is a good plan, this way we can change things up as necessary.

Ties & Jackets

  • It can be a good idea to bring a tie and/or jacket/blazer along, even if you’re not sure, to be able to capture a more both a more professional look with, and a more relaxed look without.

Booked in with our Makeup Artist? Please read the below. 💄💋

  • Arrive with a clean face i.e. no makeup.
  • Moisturising your face is a great idea just make sure it is not tinted or oily/shiny.
  • Have your hair somewhere near where you like to wear it and the makeup artist will do a final set and also make some changes as we shoot (depending on how long you have opted to booked for).

Doing your own makeup or getting it done elsewhere?

  • You can either get ready offsite and arrive ready to shoot (with a touchup kit) or if you want to use the makeup area at the studio it is $75 per hour.
  • Aim for a subtle/natural look and avoid excessive contouring, eye wings, bronzer and or anything to shiny.

Get in touch if you have any queries. 🧐

If you have any queries get in touch HERE and will will be happy to help. We want to help you be well prepared so you have a great shoot.