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"It wasn’t until the director started laughing and came up to me that I realised what I had done."​​

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiera Madison on multiple occasions and the results are always stunning.

During the latest shoot we got to know a little more about her story and future ambitions.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kiera Madison and I started acting when I was two years old. I did theatre, television commercials and a documentary to name a few. In my last few years of high school, I took a break from acting to focus on my studies and go to university to study psychology (human emotions and behaviour). I’ve returned to acting, my main passion, at the end of last year (2017). 

When did you first discover a passion for acting?

I think from the moment I could walk I knew that performing and acting was what I wanted to do.

I first started acting at the age of 2 with an amateur theatre company. I did take a break in my last years of school, but otherwise I’ve been acting for more than half my life. 

What was your first acting job?

My first major acting job was the lead role in BBC’s documentary “The Floating Brothel”, which was nominated for a Logie in 2007. I was 8 when I auditioned for the role of “Mary Wade” in the film. My favourite scenes were sailing on a large ship in Port Phillip Bay. It was such a unforgettable experience.

What has been one of your favourite acting roles?

I had a really enjoyable experience on the set of the “Taj” which was a feature film shot in Melbourne. I didn’t have a speaking role but I was in two different location scenes. I learnt so much being on that set and it was one of my favourite acting roles. 

Any humorous stories?

While filming “The Floating Brothel” we had had a long day of shooting while sailing on the ship, so after I had finished my scenes I grabbed a blanket and took a rest at the front of the ship. Little did I know they were still filming a scene, so there I was walking in the background, wrapping myself up in a blanket and laying down during a take. It wasn’t until the director started laughing  and came up to me that I realised what I had done. While I was very embarrassed at the time it’s a funny story to look back on now.

What actors or directors inspire you?

Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett (she went to my school), Isla Fischer and Nicole Kidman. I think any successful Australian actress that has made it internationally inspires me and motivates me to continue to pursue acting.

For directors, it would be Baz Luhrmann – he has an incredible eye for detail and his films are always a big success. I have watched all of the films that he has directed.

You can follow Kiera on social media:

Instagram: @kiera.madison

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Kiera Madison

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