Maddison Stafford

Maddison Stafford

"I thrive off opportunities that allow me to inject my creativity and have fun with the role."​​

Maddison is a fast-rising TV Presenter and journalist with inspirational drive and aspirations. We feel she’s really setting the standard and leading by example for young professionals around the country.

We were ecstatic to catch up with her recently during a fresh photo shoot to get some updates on her career and life to date.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a 24 year old budding TV Presenter from Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for storytelling and find great satisfaction in meeting new people and learning about their life.

I have a degree in journalism and have worked as a news reporter in regional South Australia as well as holding the role of News Coordinator for The Project on Network Ten. 

When did you first discover a passion for broadcast and journalism?

I first discovered my passion for broadcast while studying journalism.  I knew from the minute I began my degree that I wanted to go into TV. That passion led to Oswego, New York where I spent a semester abroad completing my broadcast subjects and interning as a news reporter.  From there my passion grew when I worked as the host for the 2015 Melbourne Web Fest and had the pleasure of meeting some of the finest creative geniuses in the industry.

What helped you break into the industry?

I was given the role of the host at Melbourne WebFest, it was my first big gig and I took it on with both hands and poured everything I had into it.  I found it fascinating to talk to dozens of creators who worked across multiple genres, and while it was a challenging role I thrived and it cemented my passion for hosting.

What would be your dream role?

Working as a TV Presenter for an entertainment company, covering all things celebrity and millennial.  I also really enjoy kids programs and thrive off opportunities that allow me to inject my creativity and have fun with the role.

Any humorous stories?

While working as a news reporter I was also my very own camera man and I was in the middle of filming a very serious story when I looked in the view finder and realised a flock of emus had walked into my shot and were standing there staring at me, I had to cut my piece and begin again.  In hind sight I didn’t think it was funny although the vision is hilarious and my facebook friends thoroughly enjoyed watching it back.

What actors/models/people inspire you?

You can’t go past individuals like Lauren Phillips or Renee Bargh, both Aussie girls who embody the type of presenter I want to be.  They are down to earth and importantly promote healthy living and to live out your passions.

Maddison Stafford by Julian Dolman

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