Martin Sacks

"Focus on the work and the process, as you can't control the end result."

Legendary Aussie actor Martin Sacks is instantly recognisable, having worked in the industry for over 35 years and still going strong!

Many will remember his popular Logie award-winning character, PJ Hasham, from Blue Heelers. In recent years, he has starred alongside Robert Redford in the film Truth and played a prominent role in popular TV show Wentworth.

We love having Martin in for headshots and recently took the time to get his take on the industry and hear more about his exciting career.

What was your first acting job?

The Restless Years in 1980. I was terrible. Luckily I was given a few more opportunities and soon realised I had to buckle down and take the job seriously if I wanted to make a go of it. I travelled overseas and studied.

What was your favourite role?

It’s always hard to pick as each experience is different and valuable.

The original Underbelly, playing Mario Condello, was a highlight –  amazing story with an exceptional cast. Other highlights includeWentworth, Rake, and having the opportunity to work with Robert Redford on the film TRUTH.
And, of course, Blue Heelers. Fantastic days with an amazing cast and crew that I will always be grateful for.
Martin Sacks actor headshot

Any advice for actors starting out in the industry?

Work hard and be prepared.

You have to remain healthy, match-fit and ready to go as opportunities can happen anytime.
Keep family and friends close as they will be invaluable during times of uncertainty.
Focus on the work and the process, as you can’t control the end result. That’s for others to worry about.
Be respectful of everyone’s job on set, as their contribution is invaluable no matter what they do. There’s hundreds of people working towards the same goal.
Most importantly enjoy yourself!

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